In doing philosophy one has to begin with a thought that is philosophy orientated because seemingly we can only think one thought at a time and because philosophy is the topic.  One thought, such as the previous one, can go in different  directions.  It is important to establish one complete thought because it is the foundation for all the thoughts that follow.  In argument one premise follows another and the conclusion follows the premises, so there is a definite order to thought.


The first sentence in what was said above led my thinking in one direction, but I could have talked about something else.  I could have questioned the assumption that we can only think one thought at a time.  I could have asked, “What is thought?”  One established thought can lead to more material than is needed for a shorter topic.


The dialogue of philosophy is at least potentially infinite.  What can impede people from writing philosophy is that they can be inhibited from establishing that beginning thought.  They are inhibited because that initial thought has to be their own.  It therefore has to be original, at least in a sense.   A thought can belong to someone else, but when you use it as a starting point, something very original can follow. 


Paul J Moloney


About Paul J Moloney

I am interested in philosophy. I am also interested in those who are interested in philosophy. I am trying to use this blog to generate the interest of philosophy in others.

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