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It’s always best to read the original sources in philosophy.  I mean that it is better to read Plato than to read interpreters of Plato.  Sometimes it is good to read both.  A case in point is Russell’s interpretation of Bergson.  I had read Bergson’s major works, or most of them, before recently reading Russell’s criticism of Bergson.  In general, I must concur with Russell in his criticism of Bergson.  I usually do not read philosophy  with a critical eye.  Russell himself said that reading with a view to criticizing is not the best way to understand an author.  Stopping to criticize a thinker on a few points can be a waste of valuable time because there is so much philosophy  literature to be read.  Criticism is best reserved for mature reflection and mature reflection comes with time.  There are, of course, exceptions.  Russell was arguing against the foundation of Bergson’s philosophy, which is no small matter.  Still, Bergson is essential reading for anyone interested in philosophy.  He is a very original thinker.  Reading Bergson will help one to balance their philosophical viewpoint.


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I am interested in philosophy. I am also interested in those who are interested in philosophy. I am trying to use this blog to generate the interest of philosophy in others.

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