As it is now, I’m intending this blog to be a forum for casual and informal speculations regarding philosophy.

I recently finished reading Bertrand Russell’s criticism of Bergson’s philosophy.  Bertrand’s criticism seemed more valid than not valid.  I will have to take another reading of Bergson.  Personally, Russell strikes me as the most thought-provoking thinker since Kant.

When I read Bergson’s work again, I will specifically have to pay attention to his account of time and space.  Russell introduced some mathematical concepts of the infinite that philosopher’s should consider when philosophizing about time and space.

This is indeed a short post being impromptu on establishing this blog.  From now on, I should be able to think ahead before I post.


About Paul J Moloney

I am interested in philosophy. I am also interested in those who are interested in philosophy. I am trying to use this blog to generate the interest of philosophy in others.

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